Why us aegate?

Aegate is the leading and most experienced specialised providers of medicine verification and authentication services in the World. Through integration with pharmacy Patient Medical Record (PMR) systems, Aegate services protect over 17 million patients across Europe.

Since our inception in 2004, we have devoted considerable resources to developing and enhancing our specialist services. This investment in people, partnerships and systems enables us to consistently deliver to ‘six sigma’ quality standards.

  • Aegate takes patient safety seriously. We have invested €65 million in intellectual property to develop highly secure systems which check over 200,000 medicines an hour in real time. Benefiting from the lowest cost curve in the industry, Aegate also provides the highest quality service as measured against standards set by pharmacies.
  • Aegate does not operate in isolation. Our ecosystem partner programme brings together 46 PMR suppliers and project management specialists who act as an extension to Aegate’s operations team, providing scalability when required. As stakeholders prepare for the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive, this partnership programme gives us the flexibility and scale required to act.
  • Aegate has specialist expertise. Together with our ecosystem partners Aegate can leverage over 1,000 specialists in this field; we are ready to implement the FMD in all Member States. This in depth knowledge allows us to de-risk the implementation of our service and its operation in pharmacy. No one else in Europe can count on such a large and specialised team.

There is no substitute for practical experience, gained over a decade. Our medicine verification and authentication system is operational in multiple European countries, giving us a profound understanding of the challenges faced by companies as they prepare for the Falsified Medicines Directive. This first-hand expertise cannot be gained overnight and ensures we have access to the biggest specialised resources for the deployment of the Falsified Medicines Directive. Aegate has the competence and experience which is key to delivering the service required.

Are you ready to implement the Falsified Medicines Directive? 

Aegate are and we ask you to start now!

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