Who is Aegate

Aegate operates a highly secure authentication and traceability service for the pharmaceutical industry, addressing the need to protect patients from counterfeit, recalled or expired medicines.

The system is provided to pharmacists as an integrated package within their dispensing software, enabling a real time check on every pack of medicine sold in line with the new European Legislation for falsified medicines.

Additional information is also provided to pharmacists at the time of dispensing such as regulatory or drug safety advice and patient education or compliance information:

  • AegatePROTECT™ – a real time authentication check of each supplied pack for recalled, expired or falsified medicines

  • AegateREACH™ – a tool to improve treatment adherence and patient education

  • AegateASSURE™ – communicates urgent regulatory changes, practical or scientific messages to the pharmacist’s computer terminal at point of dispense

The name Aegate is derived from Aegis, the Greek name for a shield, and Agate, a medical healing stone. Together these present a powerful combination that expresses Aegate’s mission to increase confidence in patient safety.

The Aegate services are currently in operation in Belgium, Greece and Italy, with plans in place for further growth across Europe.

Aegate’s major shareholder is Ipex Capital, an independent, UK-based venture capital company which was demerged from PA Consulting in 2008. Ipex Capital not only provides Aegate with independent funding but works closely with PA Consulting, providing us with access to PA’s broad expertise and reach – something we continue to value highly.

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