As professionals you do not only sell medicines, you give advice. Your professional service is distinctive and necessary for patient care. Working within your Pharmacy Software Providers application, Aegate provides pharmacies with improved information in order to be able to carry out this service to patients.

Aegate can provide you with information on the specific pack that you are dispensing to your customer in less than a second from the moment you scan the pack, for example:

·         If the pack has been recalled

·         If the pack has expired

·         If the pack is soon to expire

·         If the pack has previously been dispensed elsewhere

·         If there are any changes to product, strength, dose, packaging

·         If there are any changes to patient information indication

·         If the medication is being discontinued

·         If there is any concordance advice

·         If there is any newly released scientific information

·         If there is any useful patient education information to help the customer use their medication

If the Aegate service is available through your software provider, then you can register and activate immediately through your software.

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