Aegate Reach

AegateREACH™ an unparalleled pharmacist communications tool.

At the precise moment when a product is being dispensed, if the pharmacist is prompted to engage the patient in a discussion about their medication or health, published studies confirm that pharmacist intervention and counselling can increase patient adherence to medication by 15%. Prescription non compliance is responsible for a staggering $100 billion in preventable services and lost productivity. Currently, it’s estimated that 30-40 per cent of patients do not get the full benefit from their treatment due to non compliance.

Part of the problem is that for the patient there are so many things to remember when it comes to taking medication and without the right advice at the point of dispense, too many may end up not taking their medicines properly.

AegateREACH™ offers an opportunity to deliver a targeted electronic message about the specific product being dispensed that appears directly inside the pharmacist’s computer screen.

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