Test today your serialised medicine codes with a live authentication service!

Aegate is the European leader in medicine authentication.  Our mission is to protect patients from falsified, recalled or expired medicines  We operate across Europe with presence in Belgium, Italy, UK, The Netherlands, Nordics, Poland, Czech Republic, France, and Spain.  Our service integrates with all major European patient medication record service companies.  Providing the real-time authentication service to our national repositories, we can immediately help pharmaceutical companies who are serialising their packs to test the effectiveness and quality in a live authentication service. We are subject matter experts that the European Commission has extensively used in drafting the falsified medicines directive and its delegate acts. The service fully meets the requirements of the European legislation for falsified medicines.

Aegate started its activities in 2004 and has connected live pharmacies to manufacturers since 2007. The Aegate authentication service connects over 15,000 dispensing points seamlessly from manufacturer to pharmacy with no impact on dispensing workflow.  We currently verify 250,000 medicines tags/hour and roughly 2.5 million medicine tags/day.  To date, we have verified over 3 billion medicine tags, with a 99.998% quality.  The service is fast, it takes just 0.25 seconds from the moment the pharmacist scans the medicine tag to the time the verification message is returned including any internet latency.  The service has demonstrated reliance, resilience, security, availability and scalability, serving manufacturers and pharmacies in all possible operating conditions, including if the internet link goes down at the pharmacy.  The Aegate service has been utilised by over 200 pharmaceutical companies.

The Aegate network uses the serialised medicine identifier present on the pack to both authenticate the medicine and provide additional services such as messaging which gives additional information for the pharmacist at the point of dispense.  These messages can be related to regulatory, drug safety advice, patient education or adherence information, enabling the manufacturer to further benefit from serialisation by using this real-time network that connects them to Europe’s wholesalers and pharmacists.


Geographical Solution CoverageAll 28 countries European Union member and the 5 members of the European economic area. Aegate is engaging in all markets with the national stakeholders as well as the European stakeholders. We are deploying the extension of the service across all markets.
Regulation CoverageThe Aegate service meets all of the stringent requirements of the Falsified Medicine Directive as an end-to-end, real-time authentication service which respects all of the details of the FMD regulatory framework. It can operate as a national repository service, as an integrated Europe wide service of multiple national repositories or integrating with a European hub.
Technical Solution coverageThe Aegate Client Library seamlessly integrates into the patient medicines record software and into our national serialised tag repository.  The service seamlessly integrates into either the manufactures own database or the European hub.
Resourcing Bottlenecks and Delivery CapabilityThe Aegate authentication service works with all existing serialisation databases and all existing pharmacy systems.
Delivery Timetables and Customer ReadinessThe service is immediately available where required and manufacturers can pass their serialised tags now.

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