Aegate Drug Authentication System Gathers European Momentum


London, United Kingdom, Nov 17, 2008: Pharmacists in Ireland will soon be the benefactors of a unique and growing European patient safety communications service, as Aegate announces that the Republic will be the fourth European market that it will enter. From 2009, pharmacists will be better equipped with a new tool that provides real-time safety information about the quality and safety of medicines at the most critical time-point, before they dispense to patients.

Through a joint venture with Irish pharmacy systems provider McLernon Computers, Irish pharmacists will join more than ten thousand pharmacists across Europe who are able to receive an upgrade to their existing pharmacy software to install Authentication at the point of dispensingTM.

Aegate’s entry into Ireland is a significant milestone for the company which, since it launched in 2006, has commenced roll-out in a new country every eight months, with operations currently existing in Belgium, Greece and Italy.

As the last point of professional contact between the patient and the pharmaceutical industry, informed and accurate communication in the pharmacy at the point of dispensing is fundamental not only to patient safety but also to the pharmacy itself. This is understood in pharmacy practice as evidenced by the strong endorsement from the professional pharmacy associations in each country in which Aegate operates, including the APB in Belgium and the Pan Hellenic Association in Greece.

Gary Noon, CEO of Aegate, said: “Our move into Ireland is indicative of the momentum Aegate is gathering across the continent and the value that our unique approach to patient safety brings.”

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