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At the same time, each country and their National Medicines Verification Organisation (NMVO) must find an authentication partner that understands their local needs and can provide them with a service that is flexible enough to meet their specific requirements, be it a National Blueprint compliant technical infrastructure based upon a full, end-to-end managed service or something in between.

What is AegatePROTECT?

Active since 2006, AegatePROTECT is a tried and tested Medication Authentication Service that is fully compliant with the National Blueprint service. It lets the NMVO decide the level of service required while providing the flexibility and support to help ensure the ongoing success of your National initiative.

Available as a ‘Full Service’ or the modular ‘Tech Service’, AegatePROTECT is designed to scale to meet the local Blueprint needs and gives assurance, guidance and peace of mind every step of the way from initial design to ongoing management and maintenance.

Full Service

The AegatePROTECT Full Service puts you in full control while letting Aegate manage design, delivery and ongoing management of all the requirements as defined by both the FMD, the DA and services specifically created to meet the additional needs of our users during our seven years’ experience in this market. From infrastructure, training and assisting local Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to system monitoring and user support, the Full Service gives peace of mind and assurance that your country’s citizens are fully protected.

Tech Service

Aegate recognises that each country will have a different approach to delivering their Authentication Service. AegatePROTECT Tech Service delivers a National Blueprint compliant infrastructure to meet the stakeholder needs and then lets them pick and choose what additional modules are required. For example, NMVOs may want to Aegate to ensure compliance with the DA, deliver additional functional capabilities such as a Graphical User Interface via our Aegate Client Library (ACL) or perhaps NMVOs are looking for Project Management support. The Aegate Tech Service provides the flexibility to select the level of service that is right for your needs.

NMVO stakeholders have an important role to choose the most appropriate service for their market, whichever service is chosen Aegate are ready.

National Blueprint Service Requirements (NBPSR)

The NBPSR is the minimum standard required for compliance with the FMD.

Both the AegatePROTECT Full and Tech Services provide all of the required components as standard, while the Full Service delivers some enhanced capabilities through our ACL.

Additional requirements as defined by the Delegated Act

The DA goes a little further than the FMD in terms of requirements and as a result, some additional capabilities are required in order to be fully compliant.

AegatePROTECT Full Service delivers all the components required by the DA as standard, enabling the local NMVO to focus on the more strategic country requirements.

AegatePROTECT Tech Service provides flexibility for NMVOs looking to take a more hands-on approach the managing the local authentication service. While core components such as providing the authentication database are delivered as standard, the NMVO can choose to take ownership of the end-to-end service and some of the constituent parts such as the delivery of the Graphical User Interface. True flexibility is delivered by providing the NMVO options to purchase additional modules, such as our ACL, that facilitate delivery of these additional elements.

Additional functional requirements

Delivering the core requirements of the NBPSR and DA is really just a part of providing a robust, ongoing authentication service. In order to ensure the smooth and efficient service that meets and exceeds user requirements, additional functional capabilities must be implemented.

For example, Client Registration should ideally be seamless, diagnostics and event logging are required to ensure that any issues can be rapidly remediated and a consistent user interface across all users will greatly assist in the training and ongoing support of users.

Aegate’s experience in authentication services leaves us uniquely positioned to ensure that all these additional needs are met while keeping the NMVO in full control.

AegatePROTECT Full Service delivers all of the additional functional requirements as a standard part of the service, ensuring a service of the highest quality at a fixed price to ensure no surprises when it comes to variable costs.

AegatePROTECT Tech Service lets the NMVO either take full ownership of the additional functional requirements while enabling the NMVO to purchase the technical infrastructure components required to make delivery possible.

Additional benefits delivered by Aegate

As with any technical services project, there are elements that cannot be defined in purely functional terms. Some requirements, such as project management, compliance assurance and integration support have a natural tendency to grow exponentially in terms of both resource and costs.

Aegate offers full support and flexibility for NMVOs to take as active a role as they require in delivering against these requirements and if required, providing a fixed cost to facilitate accurate budget management and planning.

AegatePROTECT Full Service provides full project management, compliance and integration support at a fixed price, removing the stress of delivering these components from the NMVO while keeping them in full control.

AegatePROTECT Tech Service enables the NMVO to purchase these components on a modular basis, providing flexibility to align with their strategy and support where it is most needed.

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