The FMD Future is now – 2D bar code scanning is happening in the Netherlands

In a pioneering new development Aegate is now authenticating medicine packs using new, FMD compliant 2D bar codes in the Netherlands. Working with a local software provider and 2 pharmacies, this proof of concept program demonstrates the ability of the Aegate digital authentication service to be FMD ready.

As manufacturers release more products into the market place that include the new code format then the more important it is for pharmacists and software providers to test their systems and processes in this way.

This exciting new enterprise showcases the Aegate authentication service in a live environment and will enable interested parties to see the speed and effectiveness of the system.

The overwhelming success of the activity is the result of a close working relationship that Aegate has with Netherlands based software company CareSoft. There is a strong desire within CareSoft to be a leader in the implementation of the FMD and the way that the service they provide to their customers can be enhanced as a result. Their involvement in this ground breaking project is testament to this commitment.

CareSoft Managing Director, Burt Wubs said, ‘We are very aware of the changes that the FMD legislation will be bringing to the pharmacy sector. To ensure we continue to deliver the best that we can we need to be in a leading position on this issue. Working with Aegate gives us access to the expertise and experience that we need to do the best for our customers.’ He continued, ‘ Being able to scan 2D bar codes now means that we can learn so much about what is required and more importantly be ready to comply with the requirements of the FMD.’

Paying tribute to his own customers he added, ‘We are grateful to our forward thinking pharmacy friends who have been keen to be involved in this program and have helped us to make 2D scanning a reality ion the Netherlands.

Aegate’s Netherlands account manager Robert Lingeman said ‘Being able to scan 2D codes in a live setting is an important step for everyone involved. Aegate are pleased to be working with CareSoft and their customers on such an innovative project’. He continued, ‘We have always been confident that the Aegate authentication service will work effectively, as shown by our experience in Belgium, Italy and Greece, but it is important to be able to show a live system with the FMD required 2D matrix codes being used.’

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