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Parasites infesting the human body are a real threat, which should be avoided as far as possible. However, observing the rules of hygiene is not enough. Invisible to the naked eye larvae of parasites may enter the body with food or water. Therefore, it is also worth using special preparations, which cleanse the body of “unwanted guests”.

How do parasites affect the body?

Pills for parasites are not only a remedy for diseases and dysfunctions caused by the presence of parasites in the body, but also an effective preventive measure. More and more people are using cleansing preparations, which is clearly shown by statistics. Public awareness of the dangers of being a carrier is growing.

Parasites develop in the body for years unnoticed, without causing any visible symptoms. Sooner or later they make themselves known, and then they become difficult to combat. People often don’t realise that they are carriers, that their organs are being damaged and eaten by the worms. They may experience various health sensations because of this, believing that something else has caused the illness.

Studies show that the parasite can even nest in the brain, affecting its functioning. This is often accompanied by neurological diseases, symptoms characteristic of epilepsy or visual disturbances. Therefore it’s not worth ignoring the problem of parasites. For the sake of peace of mind it’s better to treat yourself to a cleansing treatment from time to time.

How many people carry parasites?

Estimates show that one in three people is a carrier of more or less dangerous parasites. However, few people take treatment, because with some species it’s possible to live without experiencing particularly troublesome symptoms. A significant proportion of carriers are unaware that their repeated health problems reveal a parasitic disease, even though this information is widely available.

Some parasites attack only when the body’s immunity is significantly weakened. Others always pose a direct threat to health or even life. These dangerous species include the tapeworms, herring worms, hookworms, roundworms and threadworms. Parasites enter the body in various ways: through contaminated water, meat, unwashed vegetables. Pet owners are also particularly vulnerable to parasitic disease, as our four-legged pets are more likely to fall prey to a variety of parasites.

Symptoms of parasitic disease

The presence of a parasite in the body manifests itself in various ways, but research to date has identified several of the most prominent symptoms of parasitic disease. These include:

  • rapid weight loss,
  • general weakness,
  • abdominal pain,
  • diarrhoea,
  • nausea,
  • rash,
  • headache and dizziness,
  • vomiting.

If a parasitic disease is suspected, diagnostic tests are necessary to confirm the disease and select appropriate medication. As part of such tests, a stool or blood sample of the patient is taken. This is the only way to determine if worms are present in the body.

Antiparasitic pills for humans – types

Deworming specifics are divided into two categories. The first includes drugs in the strict sense of the word, prescribed by prescription – you can buy them only at a pharmacy. The second group consists of supplements, which can be used by anyone, not only people with a diagnosed parasitic disease. The drugs are usually more potent and also have side effects on the person.

Ordinary pills for parasites are often used prophylactically and therefore do not disturb the functioning of organs. You can buy them online – delivery to your address usually takes no more than a few days. However, keep in mind that it is not really a medicine – the way the supplement works is different from the synthetic product. So if you want to get rid of bothersome symptoms that may indicate the presence of a parasite in your body, write down the name of the product and find out whether it is a drug or a supplement.

Pills for parasites


A suspected parasitic disease is always an indication for diagnostic tests. If the suspicion is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication. Do not take deworming medication without consulting a specialist, unless it’s an over-the-counter drug. The use of medicine without medical supervision can be disastrous, especially since some preparations contain powerful active substances that affect the functioning of various organs to a greater or lesser extent.

If your symptoms are not too severe or if you just want to carry out a cleansing treatment, you can use over-the-counter products – but it is always a good idea to get yourself checked out first.

Consult your doctor!

A medical consultation is not only necessary in order to know how much medication to take. Tests are also necessary because the course of treatment should depend on the species of parasite found in the body and its life cycle.

Thus, something different should be used for a larvae and something different for a tapeworms. Selection of the drug and dosage is also influenced by the place where the parasite has nested. It’s relatively easy to get rid of parasites that find food in the stomach contents, as opposed to those that have established themselves in the brain, lungs or liver.

Herbal preparations

As for the use of various supplements that can be bought without a prescription, it’s worth remembering that some of them interact with medicines. Therefore, you should be cautious about combining particular preparations and seek advice from your doctor on this matter. Herbal pills for parasites can work well for people who don’t experience any worrying symptoms, but would like to flush out everything unnecessary from the body as a preventive measure.

To support the treatment, it’s also worth using home remedies: eat garlic, pumpkin seeds, fennel and use black cumin oil. There will certainly be no side effects, and the body will be naturally strengthened. There are a lot of professional articles on the market on how to prevent parasites – it’s worth reading about them.

How to avoid parasite infection?

  • Personal hygiene is most important: washing hands, fruit and vegetables, preferably with water and vinegar.
  • Eating raw meat and milk should be avoided.
  • Pet owners should remember to deworm their pets (vets recommend doing a stool test beforehand to be sure deworming is necessary). Chemical substances used in deworming of dogs and cats harm not only the possible parasites, but also the carriers.
    Importantly, the breeding ground for parasites is often animal faeces – so owners should always clean up after their pet. And of course wash their hands afterwards.

  • Highly risky is playing in a sandpit – parasites are most often detected in children. It’s advisable to wash your hands thoroughly after such play and to avoid contact with your mouth.
  • It’s worth changing one’s eating habits so that the body is not a favourable environment for the development of parasites. Above all, one should limit the intake of sugar, milk and wheat products.

What do antiparasitic pills for humans contain?

In addition to prescription drugs, there is no shortage of herbal preparations for deworming in one form or another on the market. Although these have a milder effect and are easier to take, in some cases they can cause side effects.

Therefore, the decision to take any deworming product should be consulted with a specialist. Herbal antiparasitic pills for humans can also adversely affect the functioning of the body, although – it must be admitted – this happens very rarely. Parasite pills for humans usually contain the following herbs:

  • wormwood,
  • sage,
  • clove,
  • elfdock,
  • oregano,
  • fenugreek.

In drugs from the pharmacy (prescription drugs), the active ingredient is pyrantel, which is mainly used for human roundworm or pinworm infections. This compound can cause a number of side effects if used unreasonably. Therefore, a visit to the doctor will be necessary before use (especially if herbs are also used in parallel).


Deworming products allow the body to be cleansed of “intruders”. They are divided into two basic categories: herbs in various forms and synthetic drugs, which are prescribed by a doctor. The latter, although they cope better with parasites, can cause side effects in both humans and animals.

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid treatment with this type of preparations, especially if the aim is to completely eliminate the worms living in the body. Nevertheless, it’s worth using herbal products prophylactically – it isn’t a treatment in the strict sense of the word, but it works.

In addition, of course, hygiene must be observed. Washing fruit and vegetables is a must. It’s better not to eat raw meat, which can contain eggs of parasites. At the time of infection there are no symptoms, but after some time, after many, many years, when the parasite hatches from the egg and develops, nausea, abdominal pain and other health problems may appear, not necessarily related to the digestive system.

Some parasites are a real threat to life. The most vulnerable are children, people with low immunity and pets, who also fall prey to diseases caused by parasites.

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