What is the average penis size?


Perhaps every man has asked themselves that question at one point, believing that the bigger the size, the better. And although this belief is completely baseless, as confirmed by women themselves – guys turn to different methods in order to enlarge their genitals: from special exercises to using different types of preparations, all the way to surgical procedures. But before you conclude that you are not endowed well enough, find out what is the actual average size of male member.

Expectations vs reality

In the era of ubiquitous pornography, which all too clearly favors guys gifted with impressive manhood, plenty of men become insecure in this area. They are worried that they will not be able to satisfy their partner, because they are not quite as well endowed as porn actors, after all.
Are those concerns justified?
Does penis size play a decisive role for women in getting satisfaction out of sexual intercourses?
What do scientific papers say about that?

The average size of male member

The British Journal of Urology International magazine recently published an interesting report prepared by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Said report covered results of 17 other reports intended to determine the average size of male member. The studies analyzed had 15 and a half thousand men from all around the world participating in them.

To maintain the highest degree of objectivity possible, the researchers only took into account the measurements made by doctors, excluding the possibility of the test subjects not being completely truthful. Penises were measured from the pelvic bone all the way to the tip of the glans (without the foreskin), whereas the circumference was measured at the base of the penis or halfway down its length.

Upon thorough analysis of the data collected, the researchers determined that the average penis reaches 13.12 cm in length and 11.66 cm in circumference during erection. When flaccid, on the other hand, it is 9.16 and 9.31 cm respectively. In 5 out of 100 men, the penis length when erect does not exceed 10 cm. There aren’t many men, either, who could boast length that exceeds 16 cm when erect (5 subjects out of 100).

What is interesting, there has been no correlation observed between the penis size and other anatomical details, such as height, foot size or BMI. Therefore, the studies debunk the popular myths that point to correlation between penis size and dimensions of other body parts.
They also don’t confirm a correlation existing between penis size and belonging to a specific race or ethnicity, although it has to be noted that the participants of the studies were mainly Caucasian males.

Don’t believe advertisements!

The average penis size deviates significantly from the impressive sizes that we know from pornographic videos. It is not just porn, however, that may be a source of insecurities. Also some of the advertisements for special penis enlargement preparations suggest that the average length oscillates around 18 cm, which is not supported by scientific studies. The penis size is mainly a problem to men and not to women, who, contrary to what guys think, don’t have quite such exaggerated expectations towards their potential sex partners.

The bigger, the better?

The average female vagina is 7-8 cm in depth. And even thought it gets more elastic when aroused, it would be still very difficult for it to accommodate a very big member. For a woman, that is painful and not very pleasant.
As shown by the research conducted by Ken Purvis, a physiologist and the author of the book titled The Secrets of Orgasm, the biggest number of sensitive spots around the vagina were placed by mother nature along the first 4 centimeters from the entrance as well as on the outside (on the clitoris and labia).

The deeper it is, the less nerve endings there are, which in turn means – the less pleasure from sex. From the physiological point of view, therefore, thickness means more than length. Although – as emphasized by the book’s author – the most important thing is technique.

Small penises have bigger erections

What is interesting, the bigger the length, the less visible the difference between the flaccid state and erection. Small members can enlarge during erection by as much as 60%, which gives a truly impressive effect. In men with large manhoods, the erection doesn’t cause quite such big change.

The average penis size isn’t quite as impressive as suggested by advertisements and porn videos. If you felt relief after reading this article, do other guys a favor and share it on social media. Plenty of men worry about the size of their member for no reason, without realizing that a large manhood usually means trouble in the bedroom.

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