Penis shape – does the shape matter?


Plenty of men are insecure about the size of their manhood, whereas – as claimed by genitologists – it is mainly about the shape. The structure of a penis reveals personality traits, allows to define a person’s temperament in bed, occupational predispositions or interests. Don’t believe it? Read what is said about that by the authors of the book Genital Reading.

Shape or size of the penis? What is more important?

According to a large share of men, penis size matters a lot when it comes to sex. Hence the interest in different types of preparations and exercises for penis enlargement. Ladies would definitely be surprised if they found out how often the Google search engine registers queries about penis size.

Guys are actually characterized by their obsessive interest in those matters. And because unverified survey studies have their respondents often inflate the size of their manhood, the results of such studies make plenty of men insecure.

Which is unfounded, because – as claimed by women themselves – the size doesn’t matter quite as much. The success in bedroom is impacted mainly by the involvement and adequate technique. And as for the size – as it turns out – what matters more is penis shape.

Which penis characteristics are important?

Before we move on to a brief discussion of the conclusions made by the authors of the book Genital Reading, let’s see what we can learn about the shape of the male penis from the research done by the scientists from the University Pediatric Hospital in Zürich. The employees of this institution decided to seek the answer to the question of what makes women perceive a penis as attractive.

The participants of the study evaluated the visual characteristics of a penis on a scale of 1 to 5. The value of 1 meant that a particular characteristic had no significance, the value of 5 on the other hand was assigned to characteristics that play a very important role in the visual evaluation of a penis. There was a total of 8 characteristics: length, circumference, location and shape of the urethral opening, shape of the glans, appearance of the scrotum, appearance of the penis skin, appearance of the pubic hair and overall cosmetic appearance.

105 women aged 16 to 45 filled out a questionnaire based on which the scientists formulated conclusions on the influence of individual characteristics of a penis on its attractiveness. The results were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine magazine.

It turned out that women placed the cosmetic appearance of intimate organs first. The second place was a tie between pubic hair and appearance of the skin around the penis and testicles. The penis circumference took the third place.
What is interesting, the penis length took the 6th place, and the least important characteristic was the location and shape of urethra. Which means that guys suffering from hypospadias – a condition that makes it impossible to urinate normally – don’t have much to worry about when it comes to the visual attractiveness of their genitals. According to women, this characteristic doesn’t matter at all.

What does the penis shape say about personality?

The authors of the above mentioned book Genital Reading undertook the task of creating a new field of science called genitology. This field was meant to cover research on correlation between the appearance of human genitals and personality traits. However absurd it might seem, we’d like to remind that over many centuries, starting back in antiquity, a similar field was practiced called physiognomy, which focused on studying the relations between facial features and human personality.

Although it stopped being considered a legitimate science a long time ago, it hasn’t fallen to obscurity completely – it is still present in such areas as criminology, anthropometry, orthodontics, psychology of expression, osteology, miology or organology. Who knows if genitology won’t also have a similar impact on other fields of knowledge.

The book’s authors divided the male reproductive organ into two parts for analytical purposes: the “shaft” and the “head”. A thick shaft indicates physical health, but also lack of control in eating and drinking. The owner of such “equipment” is not very subtle, but on the other hand has a dominating personality. The structure of his member suggests that he might be a trader, a mechanic or… a criminal.

A thin shaft, on the other hand, is a characteristic of artists, intellectuals and vegetarians. As for the length – it is correlated with elasticity of someone’s personality. The longer the member, the higher the tendency to “go with the flow”. A well endowed man often tends to be a social butterfly. People with a short shaft aren’t likely to enjoy themselves.

Revelations of this type can be found in the book by Seymore Klitz and Irma Peeper. These should be taken with a huge grain of salt, though, as they don’t have the status of scientific fact.


To answer the question asked in the title, one could conclude the above observation the following way: the shape matters, and much more – as indicated by research – than size, but does it say anything about someone’s personality traits? That’s actually debatable.
Be that as it may, women put different emphasis on individual aspects of a penis appearance, but it shouldn’t be assumed – which plenty of men obsessively concerned about their genitals seem to do – that it’s the only criterion that they use when choosing their partners.

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