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There are different penis enlargement methods available. One can perform exercises, use special pumps, go through a surgical procedure. The least invasive method, however, seems to be using different types of preparations, such as gels, ointments or diet supplements. How do these formulations work? Do they give any results? Are they safe and do they cause any side effects? More on that below.

Does penis size matter?

The vast majority of men struggle with insecurities about their penis. The doubts are mostly related to the size, but some guys are also dissatisfied with such things as the shape for example. The impressive progress made in aesthetic medicine over the last few decades has made it possible to invent effective penis enlargement methods, which allows everyone with enough money to afford a surgical treatment.
However, a relatively low number of men choose a surgery. A bigger popularity is enjoyed by other, less invasive methods.

Penis pumps are still the top pick, although one can’t help but notice that, when not used properly, they might pose a risk of body damage. Special exercises that one can read about on the Internet also look pretty drastic on the pictures. Some specialists advise against performing them at home on your own.

Among all the available methods, the safest one is using special preparations, such as gels, ointments, creams or penis enlargement pills. Those can be used by people of different ages. Numerous studies show that these formulations indeed do work – as long as they are used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How do penis enlargement pills work?

The way penis enlargement pills work is fairly simple: they expand blood vessels, which results in more blood reaching the penis. During regular use of the preparation, corpus cavernosum gradually expands, and the penis gets bigger. Of course it doesn’t just take a few days, the effects will be visible after a few weeks.

A very important criterion that allows to tell apart the effective pills from the ineffective ones is the product’s composition. Good quality penis enlargement pills contain L-arginine – the ingredient responsible for elasticity of blood vessels and blood flow to the corpus cavernosum. An equally important ingredient is tribulus terrestris, which is rich in steroid saponins that regulate the hormone level in the body.
Systematic ingestion of this ingredient increases testosterone concentration (without damage to health), which directly contributes to improved mood and increased libido.

High-quality preparations also contain fenugreek and maca root, which are plants that on top of their noticeable influence on libido also add energy. When reading leaflets, it is also worth it to pay attention whether the product contains saw palmetto: it supports the functioning of tribulus and limits the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

An adequate composition of ingredients allows to effectively enlarge the penis in a relatively short time.

What are the differences between individual preparations?

The main ones are the composition, price and effectiveness. Not all penis enlargement pills are equally effective. Depending on their composition, they work better or worse, faster or slower, and the end result depends to the same degree on regular use of the preparation and on its quality.

High-end products work relatively fast and allow to achieve optimal results. One should never focus on the lowest price or the highest popularity on social media. The best advertised product doesn’t always turn out to be the best one.

That’s why it is so important to know the ingredients most often used to manufacture such supplements. The bigger your knowledge on which substances allow to noticeably enlarge the penis, the more informed your choice will be. As we have already mentioned, two compounds are particularly important: L-arginine and Tribulus Terrestris. If they’re not present, we can assume that this particular formulation doesn’t meet the highest quality standards.

On top of that, we should watch out for the “proprietary mix” type formulations, which dishonest manufacturers use to trick the potential buyers. Such formulation pretty much doesn’t say anything – you can’t look up what amount of a particular ingredient was used in the manufacturing process.

We also advise against products that contain a long list of ingredients. However impressive it may look in the leaflet, the doses used in the manufacturing might actually be so small that using a particular preparation won’t have a noticeable impact on the penis size. Good quality pills have sufficient amounts of active substances.

It is reasonable to buy pills that are covered with a money back guarantee in case of unsatisfying results. Such guarantee usually covers a period of 30 to 90 days. The information on potential refund should be featured in the leaflet or on the manufacturer’s website.

What else to keep in mind when choosing pills?

The broad market offer makes it necessary for the consumer to choose among the countless number of preparations. Which penis enlargement pills to buy? Where to look for the information on which product will work the best?

penis enlargement pills

Before making the decision, it is certainly a good idea to go through online rankings and overviews. While they may not provide an exhaustive list of all the pills available for sale, they make it possible to get familiar with the offer. Of course such overviews should be taken with a grain of salt, unless they are backed up by some prestigious institution or company of unquestionable credibility. The advantage of rankings is their informational function – they allow you to look up whether there are better pills for sale at a lower price.

Another good source of knowledge are all kinds of message boards. This is where Internet users exchange their remarks on individual formulations, recommend effective preparations to each other and warn against the ones that turned out to be a poor investment. The topic of penis enlargement appears quite often on erotic boards.

A slightly less trustworthy source of information are comments under articles related to a product we’re interested in. It is likely that the manufacturer is googling their own brand and checking the opinions of Internet users. It makes it easy to pretend to be an anonymous consumer and describe their own product in nothing but positives, so that those unaware of the scam take the bait.

Are penis enlargement pills safe?

Most certainly not all of them are. Whereas officially available for sale preparations have to comply with adequate quality standards, the ones sold on the black market are completely outside the institutional supervision, which means they can contain substances that are harmful to health.

That’s why, if you actually want to buy penis enlargement pills, only take into account preparations labeled with the manufacturer’s logo. It is also a good idea to look into the company manufacturing a particular formulation. Does it have any other supplements in its offer? How long has it been in the industry? Can it boast impressive sales figures? This is all important information.

If a preparation contains only natural ingredients, the risk of overdosing isn’t very likely, although for understandable reasons it is better to stick to the strict recommendations in the leaflet. Taking higher doses than recommended won’t yield better results, and it can only cause problems. Those who are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the leaflet should not use the product.

In conclusion: taking penis enlargement pills is safe, as long as they are not bought on the black market and the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. Then you can be sure that you won’t harm yourself. It is also a good idea to look up reviews by other people online before ordering a particular formulation.

What is inside penis enlargement pills?

Two major ingredients, which are L-arginine and Tribulus, have already been covered. The compositions of popular formulations also contain other valuable compounds. Ginkgo biloba for example, which is one of the oldest species of trees, contains substances that have a beneficial impact on circulation and memory. And since the secret of pills is based around improvement of circulation, ginkgo biloba is widely used in manufacturing supplements of this kind.

Penis enlargement preparations often contain ginseng. This plant has been used in herbal medicine for centuries, and its effectiveness and healing properties have been confirmed by scientific studies multiple times. Ginseng calms down, reduces stress, improves circulation and increases the sperm count, it also has a beneficial impact on sperm motility. The Asian variety of ginseng increases the libido level and helps deal with erectile dysfunctions.

The manufacturers of penis enlargement pills also add dwarf palmetto to their supplements. This plant is found naturally in the southeast United States and is famous for its numerous health properties. Its fruits increase the urine flow, reduce inflammations and muscle cramps, and native Americans use them to increase their libido. In medicine, dwarf palmetto is used to treat bladder and urinary tract diseases, as well as disorders of breasts, throat, lungs and mildly enlarged prostate.

Last but not least is hawthorn. Medicine discovered its healing potential in the early 1800s. The flowers and fruits of this plant are used in treating heart diseases and in case of circulatory and respiratory problems.


Penis enlargement pills make a great alternative to surgical procedures, which not only cost a lot but they also carry the risk of complications. They turn out to be safer than popular pumps, which don’t lead to actual enhancement of penis size.

If you believe that your penis is too small, use special diet supplements that will make you once again proud of your manhood and free from insecurities. The pills are available over the counter. Contrary to a popular belief, they are used by many people, maybe even your guy friends. The effectiveness of preparations of this type may vary depending on many factors, but they’re still worth giving them a shot before you choose more radical solutions.

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