Natural ways to cleanse your body. Tips


Regular cleansing of your body from toxins and unnecessary waste products is a must for good health, well-being and a slim figure. How to do it in order not to harm yourself? You’ll find our suggestions in the following article.

Immediate detox

Every year hundreds of patients visit doctors, not knowing what they are suffering from. They experience various symptoms, more or less troublesome, but specialists have trouble identifying their cause. In many such cases, deteriorating health is caused by acidification of the body.
Therefore, it is important to do a short detox from time to time: by giving up certain foods and substituting them with a restrictive diet, which will facilitate the body’s excretion of harmful toxins.

Thanks to regular cleansing you will feel better and protect yourself from dangerous diseases. What are some natural ways to cleanse your body? How to encourage your body to remove unnecessary products of metabolism, which accumulate over the years in the digestive system and interfere with the functioning of many organs?

Where do toxins accumulate and why is a detox necessary?

Most toxins accumulate in the liver, kidneys, and blood. Although the body attempts to remove them, it does not always succeed, depending on many variables. If the concentration of harmful substances is very high, it becomes impossible to remove them while maintaining a normal diet. The body needs a little bit of support.

Additionally, the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself may be disrupted by a malfunction of one of the organs. Harmful chemical compounds (especially preservatives, dust and heavy metals) can lead to a loss of well-being and even permanent damage to certain organs.

What contributes to the accumulation of toxins?

Toxins are present in food, water and air. They are also formed as a result of prolonged retention of waste products in the digestive system. Constant stress, breathing polluted air, unhealthy diet consisting mainly of fast food or processed food and habitual smoking can promote excess toxins in the body. If at least one of these factors applies to you, you should do a nutritional detox at least once a year to cleanse your body of viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, allergens, pesticides, and residues from antibiotics and medications.

What are the effects of detoxification?

A detox relieves the liver, kidneys and blood, improves the functioning of the digestive system, and removes deposits from the intestines. It noticeably improves your mood. It is also a great opportunity to lose weight. Moreover, and most importantly, it helps the body eliminate substances that cause various conditions, such as headaches, chronic fatigue, allergies, swelling or excessive sleepiness.

Natural ways to cleanse your body

How to cleanse your body naturally?

You can choose from a variety of cleansing diets, short-term fasting, or drinking large amounts of herbal infusions. Advanced methods are also available, such as hydrocolonotherapy, which involves flushing out deposits from the intestines. However, a cheaper and simpler option are home remedies, which only involve following a few rules but produce the same results.

How to prepare for a detox?

You need to properly prepare your body for detoxification. A few days before starting the detox you should give up alcohol, processed foods, sugar, sweets, cigarettes, coffee and dairy products.
Your body, deprived of previous sources of energy, may react with a shock to such a change. Hunger, irritability and discomfort may prevail over the positive aspects of the cleansing, so it is necessary to strictly follow the plan you set for yourself.

A cleansing diet

The basics of a cleansing diet is drinking water (at least 1.5 liters a day) and eating fruits and vegetables. It is also recommended to drink infusions of herbs, such as cistus, nettle, thistle, and red tea. When preparing for a detox, you can introduce foods into your diet which support body cleansing, such as beets, parsley, pickles, apples and fruit juices.

The diet itself should be low in calories and based on ingredients that absorb harmful substances. It cannot lack products rich in fiber, which allows to maintain a feeling of satiety for a long time and facilitates the intestinal excretion of waste products of metabolism. Before starting a detox, it is recommended to consult a doctor in order to exclude possible contraindications.


Regular body detoxification improves metabolism, helps maintain a lean figure and allows you to enjoy good health. Therefore, it is worth abandoning your eating habits from time to time in favour of a slightly more restrictive diet. Especially that such a regime doesn’t last long: two weeks at the most. That’s bearable, right?

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