Guide – Natural treatment of arthritis


Sudden pain, stiffening of joints, limited mobility, recurring inflammations – life with arthritis is not easy, especially if the disease affects more than just one joint.
Thankfully, natural medicine has a lot of methods and preparations up its sleeve that alleviate those unpleasant ailments. These don’t rule out using pharmacology, but they may help limit it or replace it completely.

Arthritis – how to battle it?

Arthritis is a disease that affects mainly mature and elder people, but it’s widespread enough to also not spare younger age groups. It belongs to diseases of affluence, it has a chronic nature and is incurable. It might be primary or secondary, but regardless of its form, it develops as a result of uric acid accumulating in the body.
We definitely know other, interchangeable names for arthritis – it is also referred to as gout or podagra.

In conventional medicine, the solutions for arthritis include, among others, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs as well as painkillers. At the same time, it is possible to use natural, holistic methods, non-invasive and alternative preparations that constitute an effective support for a pharmacological treatment.
Natural treatment of arthritis combined with rehabilitation, adequately matched physical activity and professional medical care give very high chances for normal functioning. At the same time, they make it possible to inhibit the disease.

Diet – an essential in treatment of arthritis

Not all diseases can be influenced through diet as significantly as gout. What we eat can sadly intensify the production of uric acid or quite the opposite – prevent further degeneration, counteract the pain and other symptoms of the disease.
When it comes to arthritis, one has to look at food as at the basic, natural remedy. We eat what deacidifies the body and is as unprocessed as possible, which means mainly fruits and vegetables, nuts and vegetable fats, oily marine fish, light dairy.

As for the diet, one has to remember about high content of vitamin C, which is required to produce collagen that is essential for joints. On top of that, we provide ourselves with adequate amounts of calcium, anti-inflammatory antioxidants, bioflavonoids. We can find the required substances in blueberries, cranberries, sauerkraut, green vegetables, almonds, peas, seeds.

Someone suffering from arthritis should avoid alcohol, excessive salt, artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers, white bread, beef, offal and cold cuts, premade sauces, fatty cheeses, margarine, coffee, sugar and fried products.

Arthritis in alternative medicine

Plenty of people successfully use different tools of unconventional medicine in treatment of arthritis. A remedy for gout can be found with homeopaths, proponents of ayurveda and in acupuncture offices. Especially the last of them, thanks to their painkilling potential, are particularly valued among patients suffering from joint diseases. The advantage of the listed alternative forms of treating joint dysfunctions is lack of side effects.

Natural treatment of arthritis

The best herbs for arthritis

Herbs used internally and externally may support regeneration of joint cartilage, have an analgesic, antiedematous and anti-inflammatory action. The most effective herbs and plants in battling arthritis include dog rose, devil’s claw, wolf’s bane, comfrey.
Certain herbs and spices should always be included in a sufferer’s diet. These are turmeric, nigella, ginger and cinnamon. The arsenal of herbal remedies for arthritis should be enriched with plants that neutralize the excess uric acid and cleanse the body, such as nettle, European goldenrod and dandelion.

Epsom salt will bring relief in pain

Thanks to high content of magnesium, sulfur and copper, Epsom salt supports joints, alleviates swelling and inflammations, has an analgesic effect, as well as makes tissues more elastic. It’s a good idea to add it to a bath in order to reduce severity of arthritis.

Massages with oils for arthritis

When massaging the ailing areas, it’s a good idea to use oils that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as well as stimulate regeneration of joint cartilage or improve the skin condition. When it comes to arthritis, it is recommended to use comfrey oil, mustard oil, devil’s claw oil or hemp oil.
Also helpful are essential oils (like rosemary oil), as well as joint ointments and gels based on herbs and aromatherapy oils. They may have a cooling or warming effect.

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