How to increase libido in a natural way? Natural libido remedies


Most of us wish to get more enjoyment out of our sex life and get rid of the tension that in many cases gets in the way of our bedroom plans. Achieving it doesn’t require using expensive, sophisticated libido improvement products. The most effective thing is the one that is the simplest and natural. Where to start?

Sex and sport

Physical activity, and especially playing the favorite sport and workouts, release endorphins in the body, which help us get rid of nervous tension and stress. This especially applies to cardio type activities, which is why the things that improve the mood include running, cycling, swimming and intense fitness workouts, which improve performance.
Strength training, on the other hand, increases the testosterone level, the adequate concentration of which is essential for maintaining libido. What are other natural libido remedies?

Through the stomach to the bed

Food has a huge impact on our sexuality. When it’s of poor quality, it slows down metabolism, kills energy, intensifies stress. Too much sugar in the diet makes us shaky, unable to focus, and this causes further health problems. Hard to digest meals cause digestive problems, and it’s not like anyone would rush to the bedroom while having problems with a bloated, full stomach.

A good diet, on the other hand, increases vital powers of the body, helps us rest during sleep, feel lightweight and healthy, improve the functioning of the hormonal system, get rid of stress. On top of that, particular meals have libido increasing properties.
We call those aphrodisiacs. Some of them have gained this label merely because of their likeness to male and female reproductive organs, whereas others because they contain ingredients that actually do stimulate potency. These include, among others, products rich in zinc and selenium, as well as vitamin E, healthy fats, carotenes, L-arginine.

Particularly beneficial for increasing libido are condiments. Mainly the spicy, warming ones, as they improve circulation and frame of mind. Such are the properties of chili peppers, which contain capsaicin, which has a direct influence on the serotonin level. Other condiment aphrodisiacs include ginger, cinnamon, or even garlic. Interesting in this regard are the properties of nutmeg.

Which aphrodisiacs to choose?

Aphrodisiacs also include the foods that are associated with luxury, sophisticated and relatively expensive, or at least the ones that used to be perceived as such. These include nuts, chocolate, exotic fruits or seafood, such as shrimp, oysters, clams and octopuses. Seafood is characterized by rich content of zinc and selenium as well as amino acids. Also full of minerals and proteins are nuts. Among those, the aphrodisiac label is most often assigned to almonds, which are said to stimulate the female sex drive.

Natural libido remedies

Also proving themselves in this role are strawberries, peaches, pomegranates, pineapples, watermelons, figs, avocados and bananas. Senses and potency may also be stimulated by vegetables – asparagus, carrot, arugula or celery. The last one contains arginine, which causes the body to produce nitric oxide that, among other things, maintains erection and intensifies sexual sensations.

Libido enhancing herbs

The versatile properties of herbs also include the ones that ensure a high libido level. We’re not just talking about the herbs that were believed in the folklore to guarantee happiness in love and ensure fertility. Individual herbs indeed do impact the sexual condition.

Those famous for it include ginseng, for example, which improves the overall body performance, mental condition and helps fight stress. Other famous, tested herbs that influence the sexual functions include ginkgo biloba, the active ingredients of which lead to intensified blood flow around sexual organs.

The sexually stimulating properties can also be found in exotic herbs and plants, which so far can only be purchased at well-stocked herb stores. We’re talking about the maca root, the Brazil native muira puama or a plant called damiana, famous for its stress and anxiety lowering properties.

The stimulating qualities of famous and accessible herbs, however, don’t end at ginseng and ginkgo. Also helpful in the bedroom are basil, vanilla, licorice, tribulus terrestris, mustard and lovage.

Essential oils in the bedroom

Real essential oils have a comprehensive influence on the body – they calm down, improve the mood, relax muscles, reduce pain and nervous tension, help relax, balance blood pressure. On top of that, certain oils have a captivating influence on senses, stimulate the body, give energy and stimulate the sexual functions.
Such action is characteristic to the basil oil, jasmine and vanilla absolute, ylang-ylang oil, patchouli oil, clove oil, sage oil, geranium oil, rose oil, neroli oil, cinnamon oil, fennel oil.
It is the best to use them for body massage, in bath or spray them with a diffuser.

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