Natural ways to get long eyelashes – natural methods of care


Long, thick and expressive eyelashes don’t actually have to result from using mascara. These days it’s becoming more and more common for women to aim for achieving the state of natural beauty. Which means that eyelash curlers and clumps of fake eyelashes are being retired. Although we don’t give up on mascaras, we want our eyelashes to be naturally thick and very dense, and above all else long. How to achieve that? It turns out that cheap, home remedies are not any worse than professional cosmetics.

Natural eyelashes care, what does that mean?

In order for eyelashes to stand out with their length and thickness, they need a bit of help with that. Plenty of women choose conditioners and serum here that are meant to improve the condition of hairs or stimulate their growth. Such products contain numerous ingredients, which not only includes protective waxes or vitamins, but also preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

The most sought after eyelash growth conditioners contain bimatoprost in their composition, a derivative of prostaglandin, which is used in treatment of glaucoma. Some of consumers tolerate this substance well, but it is also known that to some of them it can be irritating and cause hypersensitivity.

Meanwhile, eyes and the skin around them are one of the most delicate areas around the body, which is why we want effective yet subtle care for them. Numerous drugstore cosmetics meet these criteria, are natural and simple in their composition, other good preparations for eyelashes can be found in kitchen cupboards.

The most important thing is that they don’t irritate eyes, they allow eyelashes to regenerate and provide protection from mechanical damages, external factors and unfavorable influence of colored cosmetics. Most of these products can be found at drugstores, pharmacies or grocery stores and only cost a few or about a dozen zloties.

Does natural care give results and extend eyelashes?

Among natural products, it’s hard to find an ingredient with similar action to bimatoprost. That’s because bimatoprost prolongs the hair growth phase, which results in eyelashes growing longer. There’s more to long and thick eyelashes, however, than influencing their growth.

Eyelashes grow much better when well taken care of, regenerated, nourished and protected from unfavorable influence of numerous factors. If we manage to provide eyelashes care based on the above qualities, in a few months we will get long and thick, as well as much more expressive eyelashes.

For long eyelashes – plant oils

Adequately selected plant oils may have a beneficial impact on the condition and beauty of hair. This also applies to eyebrows and eyelashes, which after applying oil on them receive a protective layer as well as a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and valuable extracts. The most often used eyelashes product in this range is the castor oil. Its popularity likely arises from the fact that, on top of its nourishing and strongly regenerative action, it also makes hairs visibly darker as a result of regular use.

Natural ways to get long eyelashes

On top of that, also suitable for eyelashes care are coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil or argan oil. The only downside to using oils in eyelashes care is their consistency – because an oil might get in eyes and irritate them.

Vaseline for eyelashes

Thanks to cohesive structure, vaseline settles on eyelashes and sticks to them pretty well, not flowing down and not irritating the eyes. It is very convenient to use – all we have to do is apply it on an old mascara comb and spread it evenly over the eyelashes, from the base to the tips. The same goes actually for applying oils, we have to be pretty careful when it comes to them, though.

Vaseline has incredible protective and regenerative properties, on top of that it doesn’t irritate eyes or the delicate skin around them. It actually has a softening and moisturizing effect on them, effectively binding water.

Lip balm as the simplest way to get long, strong eyelashes

Some of drugstore lip balms work great for more things than just lip care. It’s a good idea to look for the ones with good composition and use them on eyelashes exactly the same way as vaseline. The noteworthy ones contain castor oil and other oils, vaseline, beeswax, honey, added vitamins and plant extracts.

Herbs that strengthen eyelashes

Herbs are most often used in homemade hair lotions. Nettle and horsetail are meant to strengthen hair, patch up the gaps, nourish and stimulate to grow, as well as prevent falling out. Drinking these herbs will also improve the condition of eyelashes. Other things worth using on eyelashes (i.e. in form of compresses or extracts) include eyewort, cornflower, green and black tea as well as aloe. Herbs should become an obligatory element of treatment for brittle, weakened eyelashes.

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