Natural aphrodisiacs: what works best?


Aphrodisiacs are more than just fruits and vegetables with suggestive shapes, expensive champagne and strawberries. The widely available flavors and scents include plenty of products that will help us support libido and achieve sexual satisfaction.

What qualifies as a natural aphrodisiac?

Natural aphrodisiacs are foods and substances that have a direct or indirect impact on improving potency. They may have relaxant properties, regulate hormones as well as intensify interest in sex or contain micronutrients essential for proper functioning of sexual organs. Here are the most interesting examples!

Candy, but not just any candy

Eating our favorite candy gives us pleasure and satisfaction, which are the exact things we expect from sex. It’s not a good idea, though, to use them to replace sexual relations, instead of combining the two types of pleasure. Certain candy and sweet products can be considered aphrodisiacs, as they give energy, stimulate senses and relax. We’re mostly talking about real chocolate and honey.

Almonds for women, celery for men

Almonds are considered to be one of the most favorite aphrodisiacs among women. They contain zinc, which allows them to improve fertility, strengthen the body and its performance, as well as seduce with their scent and increase the testosterone level. They work the same on men, but their libido will be strengthened better with celery.

That’s because it contains L-arginine which, thanks to its participation in nitrogen conversion, expands blood vessels and ensures longer erections. On top of that, celery supports proper functioning of the prostate.

Nutmeg and other aromatic condiments

Plenty of condiments stimulate sex drive. These mainly include cinnamon and ginger, but also basil, lovage, or even garlic, which thanks to containing allicin improves blood flow. When seasoning meals having their sex-promoting qualities in mind, we cannot forget nutmeg. This unique condiment influences nervous system, effectively relaxes, and is also used in sexual function disorders.

Natural aphrodisiacs

When searching for love, go for exotics

The influence of garlic or basil on sexual functions seems unquestionable, but there’s nothing romantic or extraordinary about seasoning food with them. If we want to adorn our preparations for a night of passion with a bit of wonder, we need to use something more exotic. Most of different cultures have their favorite spices and herbs in which they see the most effective aphrodisiacs.

Most of us only know them by their names, as they still haven’t caught on in our native cuisine or herbal medicine quite as much as cinnamon or ginger. We’re talking about such plants as morning glory, damiana, sabal minor, muira puama or maca root or ashwaghanda.

Aphrodisiacs in the ether

The known aphrodisiacs include not only foods, condiments or herbs, but also scents. Natural aromas stimulate senses, brighten and sharpen the mind, they attract, they captivate. We can find them not only in romantic, evening perfumes. Pure aromatic compounds mainly include essential oils, which are worth using in different ways in order to increase the libido and create a favorable atmosphere in the bedroom.
Thanks to aromatherapy we can unwind, reduce the tension, relax muscles and stimulate sex drive.

The most effective essential oils with intense impact on senses mainly include ylang-ylang oil, basil oil, sage oil, cinnamon oil, rose oil, geranium oil and patchouli oil. This list also wouldn’t be complete without the jasmine and vanilla absolutes.

We can spray an essential oil in our bedroom using a diffuser, sprinkle the bedsheets with it, use it for body massage or blend it with a base oil and apply on the skin instead of perfumes.

Red wine

Whether alcohol helps with intimacy is open for discussion. Too much of it consumed all at once or consumed regularly certainly won’t contribute to improvement in the quality of intimate life. Quite the opposite – alcohol causes problems with erection and ejaculation, it might make the vagina dry, it lowers sperm quality and physical fitness. Which means it is not an ally to bedroom fun, and it certainly doesn’t support fertility.

One exception could be red wine, provided that we savor it in moderation. Red wine has a very beneficial impact on the body and health, it prevents atherosclerosis, lowers blood sugar level and slows down the aging processes. Right after consumption it relaxes, calms down, gives vigor and increases blood flow. On top of that, the resveratrol contained in wine speeds up creation of nitric oxide out of L-arginine.

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