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Joint ailments usually make themselves known after we turn 40. The changes they result from, however, occur much earlier. Long-lasting strain, addictions, inadequate diet, hard work, or even sport lead to micro-damages and degeneration, which over the years destroys the articular cartilage. When the pain and inflammation of joints start limiting us, we look for ways to get our mobility back. Is there a remedy that can completely or at least partially heal ailing joints?

Joint illnesses

When we touch upon the problem of joint ailments, the first thing to discuss is what joint inflammations are. That’s because joint inflammation is a group of illnesses that affect joints, the symptoms and effects of which to a large degree overlap, but they may have different sources. That’s why there are more than one hundred types of inflammations affecting joints, each of them leads to damage to articular cartilage and joint deterioration, and consequently to limited mobility and experiencing pain.

The most common ailment affecting joints is Osteoarthritis. Every orthopedist deals with it every day. It impacts articular cartilage and joint capsule, the subchondral bone layer, ligaments, synovial fluid and the tissues around joints. All these structures degenerate and get damaged due to the illness, which leads to two main consequences – impairment of the joint functions and pain. Joints affected by degeneration hurt and crunch, and the changes cause pressure and effusion, they limit mobility of the joint itself as well as overall mobility. The factors contributing to development of Osteoarthritis are of biological and mechanical nature.

The Osteoarthritis impacts more women than men and usually doesn’t manifest itself before the age of 40. The risk of its development is increased by such factors, among others, as excess weight, knock knees and clubfoot, hip joint dysplasia, low physical activity, poor muscles, damaged meniscus and damaged ligaments, joint injuries, badly healed bone after fractures or bone necrosis, and on top of that: smoking, estrogen deficiency, endocrine and metabolic illnesses. The risk of degeneration around individual joints is also increased by working certain jobs. Particularly straining for the joints are heavy physical labor, jobs that require frequent lifting, jobs that force into squatting or kneeling positions or leading to repetitive, sudden strains. Another risk group involves a lot of athletes, like long distance runners, boxers or basketball players.

Another fairly frequently occurring type of inflammation is rheumatoid arthritis. Whereas Osteoarthritis may only affect one or two joints, rheumatoid arthritis is of a systemic nature, as it covers the connective tissue of the entire body and also affects organs. Its symptoms around joints are mainly deformations and stiffness, weakening mobility and pain. When not treated, RA might lead to dangerous complications and damages of internal organs, and consequently to death. The causes of the illness mainly include genetic factors and disorders of the immune system.

There are also such joint illnesses as psoriatic arthritis (related to psoriasis), reactive arthritis (which is a consequence of bacterial infection) or joint inflammation (caused by too high concentration of uric acid in the body). Another category of illnesses are spondyloarthropathies, which are inflammations around the spine.

The best Joint pills

When feeling joint pains and limited mobility or when suffering from joint inflammations, we very often turn to pills that regenerate and strengthen joints. There’s a whole lot of preparations that can improve the condition of joints or prevent further development of an illness. They are meant to provide us with different ingredients that help regenerate the articular cartilage, limit the inflammation and, as a result, improve the functioning of an ailing or Damaged joint. It’s hard to say which Joint pills are the best, but these should definitely be looked for among preparations with a fairly diverse composition that, on top of the main ingredients, also contain supplementary substances.

A good preparation should contain such ingredients as collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and additional ingredients, such as antioxidants (like vitamin C, which on top of that synthesizes collagen and hyaluronic acid), minerals (magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, iodine), vitamins B, omega-3 and omega-6 acids. When choosing Joint pills, it’s a good idea to read the labels of individual products and check whether particular ingredients are included in them in a decent quantity, or if they are only in trace amounts. The effectiveness of Joint pills also depends on the duration of taking the preparation. Usually the effects are experienced after long-term use, combined with other therapeutic methods.

Opinions on knee joint medicines

Inflammations, deformations and joint illnesses most often impact knee joints. These are one of the most used joints in the human body, and on top of that there are plenty of factors that might contribute to development of micro-damages and deformations in their structures. Especially suffering from knee joint pains and mobility problems are people after injuries, athletes, but also obese individuals and those working jobs that put strain on knees. Most older people affected with degenerations actually complain about pains and damages of knee joints.

Scientists estimate that as many as 40% of all degenerations actually affect knees. Which makes it no wonder that joint medicines are actually most often used for Knee joint ailments in order to strengthen them. According to patients’ opinions, knee joint infirmities can be limited or alleviated by joint supplements and over-the-counter joint medicines. When joints are affected by serious ailments on the other hand, such as RA or PA, a solution that will probably be more likely to help is prescription medicines with stronger main ingredients and higher concentration of active substances.

joint medicine

Joint medicines with collagen

Collagen in pills is a group of joint preparations most often used for supporting and preventive purposes. Pharmacies offer a fairly impressive selection of products that contain collagen as their main component, meant to influence restoration and improvement of joint health. Collagen is the building protein of the connective tissue and is contained in skin, tendons, cartilages and joints. As long as our body contains enough collagen, the joints function properly. It gives joints flexibility by doing such things as stimulating production of synovial fluid. Individual elements of a joint don’t rub together, the cartilage doesn’t get damaged, and the joints maintain full mobility, they get strengthened.

Sadly, over time our body produces less and less collagen. We start experiencing the changes to its amounts when the first wrinkles appear. That is not the worst consequence of collagen deficiency though, which is actually less and less capable joints. By taking collagen in pills and supplements with collagen, we make sure that joints don’t get worn quite that fast and that the amount of synovial fluid remains at a relatively good level.

Rehabilitation supported with pills – the best solution for ailing joints

The flex Joint pills type medicines and supplements are one way to treat joint illnesses and degenerations. One has to keep in mind, though, that besides taking preparations, there are also many more methods to strengthen joints in knees or failing hip joints. Which makes it a good idea before starting a pharmacological treatment to limit or eliminate the factors that are the cause behind the problem.

Depending on the cause, deterioration and inflammation can be stopped by such things as losing weight and quitting habits (especially the smoking habit). The athletes who experience deteriorating condition of joints should take as much load as possible off their joints or change their workout technique. In plenty of people the situation can also be improved by changing the diet, change of working conditions, change of job to one that puts less strain on the body. When it comes to women, in certain situations a hormonal treatment may help. In order to choose the right treatment, it is often necessary to get the inside of the joints thoroughly examined, which is made possible by arthroscopy. Regardless of the cause of damages, deteriorations, injuries or inflammations, however, one of the best methods to improve the health of joints and of the entire body is rehabilitation. That’s what helps limit the pain arising from degenerative diseases and get the mobility back. As a result of regular treatments, joints might become more flexible and regain mobility, the tissues get more blood, the stiffness, pain and other unpleasant symptoms of inflammation disappear.

The Joint treatments performed as a part of rehabilitation especially include electrotherapy, which covers iontophoresis treatments, treatments utilizing interference currents or diadynamic currents, short-wave diathermy or galvanization. All of them consist of pressing electrodes to the places affected by the illness and then running low or medium current through them. Other supplementary treatments for illnesses and dysfunctions of joints are cryotherapy, water spraying or whirlpool baths. Other things that help include saunas, steam baths or fango wrap treatments – all these treatment methods warm up joints, improve their blood flow, reduce their stiffness and joint pain. During this type of treatments, healing substances are also applied, such as mud.

Rehabilitation also improves condition and ensures strengthening of joints in many other ways. Very good results are yielded by laser therapy, infrared or ultraviolet light treatments, magnetotherapy and ultrasound therapy. Working with a physical therapist and doing exercises, on the other hand, prevents joint stiffness and ensures adequate tissue stimulation. The treatments themselves bring relief in pain, they force cells to regenerate, they make absorption of potential effusions or hematomas faster, they relax tense muscles and limit inflammations.

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