How to take care of eyelashes to make them strong and keep them from falling out


Every eyelash can be made longer, thicker and darker in a few moments using any random mascara. But that’s just an interim solution. Many women, once they wash their makeup off, don’t accept how their eyelashes look or are worried about their condition. Which begs the question, will using a conditioner change anything? And if not, which methods to use to fix the appearance of eyelashes so that they are beautiful and expressive even without mascara?

Weakened and falling eyelashes – the causes

Eyelashes might get weakened due to numerous factors. Even those that are naturally long and thick will get thinner due to illnesses, lowered body immunity, taking certain medications or regular exposure to unfavorable external conditions. Eyelashes will also suffer during illnesses and inflammations of eyes, due to irritations, watering and rubbing of them. Their condition may also be impacted by hormonal activity or tendency to allergies.

Falling eyelashes may also be a symptom of hypothyroidism or a parasitic infection. The greatest harm to eyelashes, however, is done by poor grooming, indelicate makeup removal, using eyelash curlers or fake eyelashes as well as inaccurate mascara removal. How to take care of eyelashes?

Does diet impact the condition of eyelashes?

Poor condition of eyelashes can also be caused by a diet that is poor in trace elements and vitamins. If our eyelashes are falling out and break for this exact reason, we should take a closer look at the condition of hair and nails. They may also not be satisfying. Or maybe we have problems with our skin as well? Changing the diet will allow to nourish the eyelashes from within and provide them with substances required for growth. The meals, however, need to contain fruits and vegetables, grains and seeds, nuts, plant oils, high quality proteins.

Eyelashes need to be provided with zinc, selenium, sulfur, vitamin A and E as well as vitamins B, including biotin. When needed, we may support ourselves with supplements in capsules, available at pharmacies in the “strong hair and nails” aisle. On top of that, it’s also a good idea to drink horsetail and nettle brews, and to use eyewort or cornflower on tired eyes.

Proper care in a few steps

Plenty of women have naturally poorly thickened and delicate eyelashes. Proper care, however, will allow to maintain even the weaker, thinner hairs in a good condition. Once we take good care of the diet and rule out illnesses and eliminate infections, it’s a good idea to give the eyelashes a break from mascara, and instead systematically apply conditioner, serum or at least vaseline.

In the next step, the time comes to improve the eyelashes care habits. It will definitely help to switch the washing agent from lotion to gel or makeup removal foam, and when it comes to stronger makeup, adequately delicate removal of it using a swab.

How to take care of eyelashes

Which eyelashes products to use?

Ready-made conditioners intended to strengthen and nourish eyelashes can be obviously found at drugstores. These are inexpensive products, closed in bottles with an included comb, to be applied for the night or before using mascara on clean, dry eyelashes. What can they do?

They may strengthen thin eyelashes, provide them with protection from external factors, support regeneration, give them glow. That way they also prevent them from falling out. They are produced based on protective waxes and oils, with added vitamins, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E or panthenol.
On top of that, we can also choose serum for eyelashes, some of which are more expensive products containing bimatoprost, leading to prolonged growth cycle of eyelashes. The effects of using a serum will be more visible, but eventually the hairs will enter the stage of dying and the use of serum will need to be repeated.

On top of drugstore conditioners, we may also choose cheaper counterparts of the professional cosmetics. For eyelashes care and strengthening, great choices are castor oil, olive oil or very convenient to use vaseline, which just have to be applied on the eyelashes for the night. They have incredible protective properties and they also retain water.

Everyday eyelashes care – don’t do these!

The most harmful practices are especially related to makeup removal. Mechanical removal of mascara using cotton pads is the most popular method of removing mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. When using it, we should remember not to rub eyes – the soaked pad just needs to be pressed against the eyelid and held there, and then with a single move we gently wipe off the makeup.

Eyelashes also don’t benefit from other habits, such as going to bed without removing the makeup, or using a curler or glued-on fake eyelashes too often. Such conveniences can be used once in a while, but using them everyday will intensify falling and breaking of eyelashes. On top of that, weak eyelashes should not be cut shorter. Their life cycle is already pretty short as it is, the eyelashes won’t grow back stronger after that either.

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