Simple Home remedies for penis enlargement


If you want to make your penis bigger, you don’t have to go through a surgical procedure, which is the most effective but also very expensive method. There are several other ways to improve nature that won’t put too much strain on your budget. Check out how to stretch your penis safely and without large financial expenses.

What should you know before making your penis longer?

Before you even start thinking about making your penis longer, it would be good if you learn some facts.
First of all, pornography should not constitute a source on human body for you. Well-endowed actors definitely make a minority among men. The average size of penis when erect is 13.12 cm (see: latest report by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust).

Secondly, women don’t actually need huge penises. The average vagina has 7 to 8 cm in length and even though it gets more elastic when aroused, a penetration with big “equipment” might cause pain to a woman.

Thirdly, stimulation of female reproductive organs should not be limited to simple friction movements, which is something every experienced lover knows. Small size can be compensated with use of different sex techniques.
That’s why, unless your genitals are truly microscopic, there is no need for you to improve them. If that’s the case, however, check out home remedies for penis enlargement.

But I really want to have a bigger penis!

Alright, it’s your choice. Since you insist, we will give you a hint on how to do this the safe way. It is worth knowing that a surgical procedure, although it’s the only method that gives instant results, comes with the risk of various complications. The surgeon cuts the ligaments that connect the penis with the pubic bone, which causes the penis to drop down and get significantly longer.

However, the price to pay for this transformation might be, to put it euphemistically, problems with hitting the target and inability to find the G spot.
What is more, there might be difficulties with achieving a lasting erection. That’s why it isn’t exactly the safest method.

Home remedies for penis enlargement

The home remedies are less spectacular, but at least they’re much cheaper. Some of them are safer than others, and since we started with surgical procedures, which come with the risk of serious complications, we will discuss different methods ordered from the least to the most safe.


The latest hot thing on the market are the so-called extenders, which are special devices for penis enlargement. They extend the tissues, but in a way that is painless for the user. In order to achieve an optimal effect, they need to be worn everyday for a few hours over a course of about half a year. After that time, the penis might be extended by additional 2-3 cm.

The use of extenders isn’t free from risk, though: erections may cause pain, sometimes there will be problems with blood flow to the penis (due to constant pressure) and irreversible sensory disturbance around the glans. On top of that, the manufacturers of such devices don’t guarantee achieving the expected result.

Penis pumps

It’s a popular gadget shaped like a cylinder put on the penis. After using a pump, air gets in the cylinder which increases the corpus cavernosum and blood flow to the penis. Such pump is to be worn for around half an hour before intercourse. Upon achieving the desired size, the ring around the device is to be slided down and placed at the penis base, so that the blood doesn’t flow away. After the end of intercourse, the ring has to be removed immediately.

According to unofficial information, using a pump gives a permanent effect of enlarged corpus cavernosum, but there are no scientific studies confirming this, and the opinions among doctors are conflicting.

Penis enlargement exercises

The safest method recommended by sexologists themselves are simple penis enlargement exercises. Just remember not to perform all the exercises you’ve read about on the Internet – some of them might be dangerous for health. It is the best to consult the intention to perform specific exercises with a specialist: sexologist or urologist.

The contraindication here might be certain medical conditions. If you’re looking for exercises online, pay attention to the sources you’re getting your information from. Especially avoid websites where the article’s author claims that after just a few days your penis will get noticeably bigger. This is nonsense.

3 simple, safe exercises

  • Grab the penis head (while flaccid) and gently try to stretch it. If you feel pain, stop the exercise or decrease the pressure. Hold your penis stretched for about 15 to 20 seconds. Then let it go and repeat the exercise several times.
    After a finished series, shake the penis a little to restore proper blood flow. Perform the exercise everyday: preferably under shower, before bed, after urinating and waking up. You don’t need to use a lubricant.

  • While erect, try to move the penis several times in different directions.
  • Tense and relax the anus muscles. In order to see if you’re doing it right, touch the area between the anus and the scrotum. The skin there should be tense. That way you will slightly enlarge the size of your penis if you perform this exercise regularly.

Now you know what to do in order to “pump up” your genitals. The choice of method is up to you. Remember that you don’t need to choose this step in order to have a satisfying sex life. Thanks to mastering adequate techniques that you can easily find online you will manage in every conditions.

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