Home remedies for firm breasts – best guide


It’s best to work on firm and beautiful breasts in your own bathroom. Just a few simple procedures and regularity will make the breasts gain shape. In combination with exercises and diet, they will provide satisfactory results and help even for sagging and stretch marks affected breasts.

Home remedies vs beauty salon treatments

Beauty salons offer several bust firming treatments. Popular are those using ampoules, algae and plant extracts, bust masks, firming massages, treatments with hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy or electrostimulation. The range is really wide. However, nothing can replace cheap and the most proven home methods, which we can do very regularly, because they take little time and are available immediately! Check out effective methods for firm breasts.

Take care of your bust in the shower

The simplest method of bust firming doesn’t require the use of any cosmetics or accessories. Condition of breast skin is excellently influenced by alternately used cold and warm shower, directed on the bust in circular motions, omitting nipples. The skin of breasts under the influence of coolness tightens, and under it the microcirculation accelerates.

Firming shower can be used daily. Systematically it’s worth to enrich it with a massage with a special glove or a brush for breasts. It’s also allowed to apply peeling on breasts, necessarily fine-grained. What can we use?

Coffee grounds, cinnamon, raspberry seeds (available in shops with natural products) and other particles or small grains which will not irritate the skin of breasts and cleavage. Peeling will not only remove dead skin. Its task is primarily to firm the breasts by stimulating microcirculation and better blood supply.

A simple massage a few times a week

When you get out of the shower, warm and supple skin better absorbs active ingredients from cosmetics and is more receptive to further treatments. Use this time to massage with an oil. You can stay with olive or linseed oil or opt for a more cosmetic oil. Choose sweet almond oil if you have stretch marks on your breasts.

Before the massage, warm up your hands by rubbing them together vigorously – this will further stimulate circulation in the massaged area. Apply the oil to your palms and massage your breasts in circular motions, clockwise for the right one, counterclockwise for the left one. Such massage should be performed several times a week and we should spend 10-15 minutes on it.

Home remedies for firm breasts

Diet for a firm breasts

Is going on a diet to improve the appearance of your bust surely not overdoing it? On first thought, one could set more right dietary priorities. However, if we look at a diet that can help our breasts, we understand that it will bring us much more benefits.

This kind of diet involves eating significant amounts of vegetables and fruit, especially those with dark skins and citrus fruits. Purple, red and green fruit and vegetables contain the most antioxidant substances, carotenes and vitamins, which slow down the skin ageing process.

In addition, the bust skin needs the beneficial fatty acids contained in unrefined vegetable oils and fish. Citrus, in turn, is worth eating because of the limonene content, which has an inhibiting effect on the development of mammary gland nodules.

Size, shape, as well as firmness and elasticity of breasts depend largely on the hormonal balance. We can also improve it through the selection of a proper diet. Estrogens have a favourable influence on breasts, the appropriate amount of which we can ensure ourselves eating products and products made of soya, seeds and leguminous plants.

Fenugreek breast mask

Fenugreek has many valuable cosmetic properties, amongst others it is very effective in preventing hair loss. It also proves to be effective for breasts. In order to find out for yourself, all you need to do is make a paste by adding water to ground fenugreek seeds. Apply the paste to the skin of your breasts and wait for a quarter of an hour. Fenugreek makes the breast skin firmer and more elastic thanks to the high content of phytoestrogens, which additionally counteract the development of breast cancer.

Exercises for firm breasts – what to exercise?

At home we are able to perform the vast majority of exercises to improve bust firmness and modelling. Push-ups, stretches, exercises with dumbbells and resistance bands strengthen chest, arm and back muscles, and thus have an impact on the lift and shape of breasts. Dance, yoga and stretching also have a beneficial effect on breasts and cleavage.

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