Breast care – how to take care of breasts


It’s incredible how many women treat their breasts with neglect. We forget about taking care of our breasts with appropriate creams, we wear ill-fitting bras, we rarely use massages and firming treatments. It’s time to change it and learn how to take proper care of the health and appearance of your breasts.

What affects the appearance and condition of women’s breasts?

Breasts are one of the most delicate parts of the female body, sensitive and susceptible to all kinds of changes and the influence of external factors.
Their appearance and skin condition can deteriorate for example by poor diet, lack of care, ill-fitting bra, smoking and alcohol, excessive exposure to sunlight, and even by sleeping in an unfavourable position for the breasts. Fluctuations in weight and pregnancy also have a significant influence on the appearance of breasts.

Young breasts usually do not yet show the effects of dietary mistakes or excessive sunbathing. However, they can be visible already at the age of 30, when the skin gradually loses its elasticity, and breasts are more susceptible to hormonal changes and ageing processes or oxidative stress.

The bra matters

Women are still learning how to choose the right bra. At the same time they make many mistakes, which are better corrected in advance. The most common one is choosing the wrong cup size, usually too small. Another one is buying soft bras without underwire, in the belief that such models are closer to the body and more “natural”.

Besides, ladies often choose bras with too thin shoulder straps, which do not support large breasts properly. If we have problems with choosing the size and type of bra on our own, we can ask a bra fitting specialist for help, which should be found in every self-respecting lingerie salon. The expert will also explain how to wear a bra properly and avoid such mistakes as shortening straps or fastening the bra too loosely.

When we put the bra back on every day, let’s think about why we wear it. Aesthetic function is only one of several functions performed by this part of clothing. A bra is, above all, to relieve the spine, shape the neckline and protect breasts.

Cosmetics for bust care

Creams and gels, as well as serums and oils, which we apply to the skin of our breasts, should be specially selected for this purpose.
Cosmetics for bust care contain concentrated compounds and extracts, different from those found in body cosmetics. Their composition includes, among others, hyaluronic acid, collagen, coenzyme Q10, peptides, silica, algae extract, nourishing vegetable oils, vitamin E and extracts from plants and herbs (e.g. St. John’s wort, cinnamon, fenugreek, hibiscus, sage, calendula, Asian gardenia or pomegranate fruit).

Such rich content is aimed at restoring the damaged bust skin’s firmness, proper level of hydration and structure. Bust cosmetics regenerate the skin, thicken it, restore and maintain proper tension, help reduce scars (e.g. after stretch marks), enrich the skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, water-binding acids and fats.
Contrary to the opinion of some, they are intended not only for pregnant women, postpartum and breastfeeding mums. Every woman who has significantly lost weight or has fluctuations in weight should be “armed” with them.

how to take care of breasts

Cosmetics can be accompanied by brushes for massaging the breast skin – gentle, but stimulating blood circulation, with a rejuvenating effect.
The breasts of young women don’t need intensive care; the use of olive oil or ordinary body cream is enough for them.

Breast strengthening exercises

Women’s breasts are made of glandular, connective and fatty tissue, so some people think that exercise doesn’t make sense here. However, in order to shape and expose the bust with the help of exercises we can strengthen the muscles that support it – chest, back and arms.

The best exercises to firm the bust are push-ups. We can perform them in the classic form, with support on the knees or standing, leaning against the wall. We will also shape the bust practising plank exercises and stretches, and all other exercises using dumbbells or resistance band.

Regular care of your breasts – it’s worth it!

A few moments devoted to breasts every evening can have a considerable impact on our health. Rubbing a lotion or massaging our breasts to make them firmer, we get to know their structure and how they change throughout the menstrual cycle. Thanks to this we can quickly catch dangerous changes. Daily care of breasts is not vanity, but the basis for the prevention of breast cancer!

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